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How The Framing Affects The Art Work

When you’ve chosen a beautiful piece of art, the next step is crucial. You need to find just the right frame to highlight the piece. Art & Frame has helped Melbourne customers find the perfect frame for the perfect piece of art.

Whether you’re looking to show off something a loved one has created, highlight something that you’ve just purchased, or looking to revitalise a piece you’ve had for years, Art Work Framing can enhance a piece without overtaking it. We can frame everything from prints and posters to watercolours to oil and acrylic paintings.

There are many factors that go into Art Work Framing. The process of finding the right frame to enhance your piece is something of an art, with many factors we must consider.

You Need To Like What You’re Seeing
The first, and most important, is that you enjoy the frame. You’ll see the frame as often as you see the piece of art itself, so choosing something that will go without home’s decor and highlight your personal style is important.

Art Work Framing Protects Work Over Time
All of our frames are also built to last over time. Frames look great, but they can also help to preserve art work and prevent wear and tear. High-quality art work framing requires that you use the right materials. Mats should be made from acid-free materials, for example, and glass and other components should be UV protected. Dust backings can also prevent damage from accumulating.

Frames Enhance Art Work
If you have only purchased ready-made frames before, you may be accustomed to a limited range of colours and styles. One of the benefits of choosing a custom frame for your art work is the ability to find precisely the right colour of frame to highlight the art itself. A well-chosen frame can highlight the art and make it blend seamlessly into the decor of your room. A poorly chosen frame can distract from the piece of art or wash out the colours, making it look much less attractive. Working with a professional means expert advice on just the right frame for the piece.

Frame Shapes Are Crucial
When choosing frames, considering shape is important. From rectangles to ovals to circles, there are many different shapes to frames themselves, but you can also consider the style of the frame. Something more minimalist may be a better choice for some pieces, while others may benefit from a more elaborate frame. When you work with the experts at Art & Frame, you know that we are taking into account all of the possible combinations and helping you find the right options to show off your art, certificates, crafts, and more.

It can be difficult to find exactly the right frame for a piece of art. There are so many factors to consider and so many options to weight that it’s easy for a casual consumer to get overwhelmed. Even if you have some familiarity with the process of art work framing, finding the right choice can still be difficult. Working with the professionals at Art & Frame means benefiting from our years of experience in finding the perfect frame for every type of art you can bring us. We’ve been working in the industry for more than 20 years, and are eager to help you find the right frame for your piece. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your art work look its very best, matching your Home Decor Adelaide and making you smile each time you see it.