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Home Décor

Just the right piece to suit your style!

Over the years, our loyal customers have inspired us to look beyond just wall art and mirrors, they were still on the hunt for “just the right piece” of home décor, for that particular spot in their home or office.

At Art & Frame, we thought we could help. This is where Vesna, with her passion for design and keen eye for beautiful pieces was in her element.

Think console tables, chairs, lamps, ornaments, statuettes, objects d’art, some throws and cushions – feature pieces that create a real focal point in a room, and interesting collection of pieces thoughtfully selected.

Console tables are our most popular home décor pieces. With the perfect framed mirror or print hanging above, simply imagine how well these two pieces would compliment one another in that space in your home you’ve been meaning to enhance.

We also have chairs, but not just any ordinary old chairs. Our chairs are funky pieces of furniture that are a work of art in themselves.

Classic or quirky, elegant or rustic – if you’re searching for that perfect piece of home décor, come in and see us at Art & Frame.


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