17 Jan 2019
Mirror Picture Frames have their special place in corridors, on walls, and in foyers. These are the traditional spots homeowners opt to hang mir...
5 unexpected ways to use mirror picture frames when decorating your home
5 steps to hanging your artwork successfully
26 Nov 2018
Once your artwork has been properly framed, you’ll need to know how and where to hang your favorite pieces. Picture framing in Adelaide is...
5 classic tips to finding the right frame for your artwork
23 Nov 2018
As long-time, expert picture framers in Adelaide, there’s only one motto we live by (and that we encourage our clients to adopt): ‘H...
When the frame is the art – 5 enlightening facts about frames
20 Nov 2018
Frequently, the Smithsonian, the Tate London and other prominent art galleries around the world hold tours and exhibitions that celebrate, not t...

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Buying artwork through print on demand
8 Nov 2018
Buying prints and posters in the past When we started our business in 1981, good quality prints and posters had only just started to become wide...
A ready-made solution
30 Oct 2018
Sometimes it’s okay to use a ready-made frame While this might sound inconsistent coming from a custom picture framer, there are occasions and...
Why consider conservation framing?
24 Oct 2018
Conservation framing is the process of using specific materials and methods to provide long-term protection for framed works. While all works co...