30 Oct 2018
Sometimes it’s okay to use a ready-made frame While this might sound inconsistent coming from a custom picture framer, there are occasions and...
A ready-made solution
Why consider conservation framing?
24 Oct 2018
Conservation framing is the process of using specific materials and methods to provide long-term protection for framed works. While all works co...
What does custom picture framing achieve?
16 Oct 2018
What is custom picture framing? Custom picture framing, as the name implies, is the manufacture of a picture frame to a specific order. Think of...
A quick word on mirrors
15 Aug 2017
We aim to offer our customers are vast array of mirrors ranging in many different styles. From traditional to art deco and contemporary. All gla...

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8 May 2017
Some of the pieces you find are truly timeless, others; modern, but all of them have that ‘something special’ to them. This is because we so...