30 May 2019
Matboard Design From a design point of view, the use of matboards when framing anything from a fine art print to a treasured personal item helps to br...
How to go about matboard design
What is the purpose of matboard? which matboard should you use?
1 May 2019
There are two simple purposes for using a matboard when framing artwork. Firstly, it adds a level of protection to the artwork by acting as barrier be...
5 hot framing and decor trends for 2019
15 Apr 2019
Like a décolletage without a necklace, some say art just isn’t complete without framing. We disagree — most art is made for framing. But so...
What are the choices of glass in framing today – which one is right for you?
12 Apr 2019
In framing, there are generally four types of glass available to you: Standard Clear Glass, UV Protective Glass, Ultra-Clear (non-reflective) Glass, a...

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