16 Dec 2019
With our extensive range of frames and matboards, we have the perfect combination of materials to suit your certificate, be it a diploma, university d...
Certificate framing
Wedding framing
1 Aug 2019
Your wedding day is one of the most special and wonderful days in the lives of you and your loved one. Your wedding day photographer takes many photos...
Memorabilia framing
26 Jun 2019
Thinking of framing something special? Art & Frame is the perfect place for framing all of your memorabilia, medals and personal affects.  We tak...
How to go about matboard design
30 May 2019
Matboard Design From a design point of view, the use of matboards when framing anything from a fine art print to a treasured personal item helps to br...

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What is the purpose of matboard? which matboard should you use?
1 May 2019
There are two simple purposes for using a matboard when framing artwork. Firstly, it adds a level of protection to the artwork by acting as barrier be...
5 hot framing and decor trends for 2019
15 Apr 2019
Like a décolletage without a necklace, some say art just isn’t complete without framing. We disagree — most art is made for framing. But so...
What are the choices of glass in framing today – which one is right for you?
12 Apr 2019
In framing, there are generally four types of glass available to you: Standard Clear Glass, UV Protective Glass, Ultra-Clear (non-reflective) Glass, a...