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Art & Frame: Picture Framing in Adelaide

Centrally located on Unley Road, Art & Frame is the destination for artwork, wall mirrors, custom picture framing and home décor in Adelaide. We provide a complete framing service to cater for all budgets within the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide.

From top end moulding manufacturers like Bellini through to our own good quality ready-made frames, we deliver picture framing to satisfy a wide range of needs. Whether your item is a certificate, print, poster, watercolour, lithograph, photograph, giclee, fabric, sporting guernsey, assorted memorabilia, oil or acrylic painting we have the expertise to frame it for its desired purpose. We can also take care of basic requirements like block-mounting, laminating and stretching of canvases.

We offer a wide variety of artwork by way of art prints and canvases. Amongst the various subject categories available are abstract, figurative, floral, still-life, landscape, photographic and vintage. An ever growing number of these images are now available at the size of your choice, as either a print on paper or canvas.

As well as picture framing and artwork we also stock an extensive range of framed wall mirrors. We generally have in excess of seventy mirrors covering a wide selection of styles including, Modern, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Venetian and various Cheval and Leaner mirrors. We also display a stunning range of the popular round shaped mirrors.

We offer a unique collection of home décor items, ranging from chairs and stools, to consoles and tables, lamps to chandeliers as well as a fantastic array of cushions and throws. We have something to suit any space and all design needs.

As the owners of Art & Frame, we have been servicing the picture framing, art decor and wall mirror requirements in Adelaide since 1981. Over the thirty plus years we have had the privilege of serving in excess of thirty thousand customers and look to forward to assisting you now.

For picture framing in Adelaide think Art & Frame!

A Quick Word On Mirrors

Mirrors are important element of décor. They can be used to give a sense of space in small environments, add a sense of style or tradition to a room or serve other purposes, both aesthetic and functional.

We aim to offer our customers are vast array of mirrors ranging in many different styles. From traditional to art deco and contemporary. All glass mirrors and framed mirrors are all available.

Some mirrors feature concave glass in which the glass bends inwards, resembling the interior of a bowl, producing reflections which appear larger than they really are. Conversely, convex mirrors feature glass which bends outwards creating objects which appears smaller when reflected. Most mirrors feature plane glass, reflecting lights rays in the same order in which they are received, reflections are as in reality, an accurate reflection of the image in front of them.

Alongside the large range of mirrors available to us we can also create completely custom framed mirrors, specific to your design needs, with accuracy of size down to the millimetre. It’s important when choosing a mirror, or any piece of art work for that matter, to know first and foremost, where you intend to use it. What is the size of the wall on which you wish to display it? What are the colours and tones are already at play in the room? What is the purpose of the mirror? Is it an understated piece designed to bring the décor together? Or is it a grand statement piece?

So, whether you’re looking for a mirror for a bathroom, a bedroom, a lounge room or a boardroom, let us work with you to find the perfect mirror to match your needs and desires.


Our range of furniture is as diverse and unique as our customers.

Some of the pieces you find are truly timeless, others; modern, but all of them have that ‘something special’ to them. This is because we source only the finest quality products with a sense of unique flair and style. Chairs and lounges perfectly suited for an office space, or bedroom, or a living room. Something to suit a classically styled home, a modern home or an art deco design, you’re sure to find something you adore at Art & Frame.


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