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Art & Frame: Picture Framing in Adelaide

Centrally located on Unley Road, Art & Frame is the destination for artwork, wall mirrors, custom picture framing and home décor in Adelaide. We provide a complete framing service to cater for all budgets within the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide.

From top end moulding manufacturers like Bellini through to our own good quality ready-made frames, we deliver picture framing to satisfy a wide range of needs. Whether your item is a certificate, print, poster, watercolour, lithograph, photograph, giclee, fabric, sporting guernsey, assorted memorabilia, oil or acrylic painting we have the expertise to frame it for its desired purpose. We can also take care of basic requirements like block-mounting, laminating and stretching of canvases.

We offer a wide variety of artwork by way of art prints and canvases. Amongst the various subject categories available are abstract, figurative, floral, still-life, landscape, photographic and vintage. An ever growing number of these images are now available at the size of your choice, as either a print on paper or canvas.

As well as picture framing and artwork we also stock an extensive range of framed wall mirrors. We generally have in excess of seventy mirrors covering a wide selection of styles including, Modern, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Venetian and various Cheval and Leaner mirrors. We also display a stunning range of the popular round shaped mirrors.

We offer a unique collection of home décor items, ranging from chairs and stools, to consoles and tables, lamps to chandeliers as well as a fantastic array of cushions and throws. We have something to suit any space and all design needs.

As the owners of Art & Frame, we have been servicing the picture framing, art decor and wall mirror requirements in Adelaide since 1981. Over the thirty plus years we have had the privilege of serving in excess of thirty thousand customers and look to forward to assisting you now.

For picture framing in Adelaide think Art & Frame!

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In the frame for over 35 years!

In the frame for over 35 years!

In a world of ever-changing style and influences from all corners of the earth, we’re proud to be leaders in our field and have been for over 35 years.

When we set on our journey times seemed simpler. Malcolm Fraser was Prime Minister, Reagan was in the White House, the internet was consigned to military bunkers and university labs, and computers were the size of your living room! Harrison Ford was in a race to find the Ark of the Covenant in the first Indiana Jones film and big shoulder pads were all the rage.

As the first dedicated upmarket retailer of art posters in Australia we also set the trend, and have continued to lead the market ever since. Art prints, mirrors and custom picture framing with a personal touch is what we do, and our many customers tell us we do it better than anyone else.

While some elements of ‘style’ are indeed timeless, knowing how to match these with the latest trends is what truly sets us apart from the rest.

We have been retailing art prints, mirrors and custom picture framing since 1981. Our first store, The Poster Gallery was located on Grote Street and was closely followed by Prints Etc. in City Cross. Then in 1992, Art & Frame on Unley Road was born.

Our whole team shares a passion for elegant framing, stunning prints and stylish mirrors which help bring together the design and décor of your home or office. Given our affinity towards design, we have recently ventured into the world of home styling with select pieces to suit various stylistic needs, including lighting, furniture and more.

As members of The Picture Framers Guild of Australia, we take pride in offering outstanding craftsmanship, and the best advice with the utmost integrity to assure our customers have an enjoyable experience.

Sure, pop-up stores come and go, and ‘online’ retailers abound with their one-size-fits-all approach, but nothing replaces the experience gained from decades of keeping our fingers on the pulse, and constantly striving to provide a unique and tailored approach to every job and every customer.

Refurbishments and Home Décor

We’ve made some truly tremendous refurbishments to our store over the past year. Expanding the size of our store and in turn expanding our product range, so much so in fact that we have diversified into offering not only stunning artwork and mirrors for your home and office spaces, but we now also carry a truly gorgeous range of furniture and other home décor items. Of course we are still offering the finest high quality framing available in Adelaide, which we have been known for, for decades now.

Our range of unique furniture is a direct result of our commitment to brining you the finest quality goods to fill your homes and other spaces with gorgeous designer pieces.

Amongst these new pieces you shall find a variety of chairs, stools and lounges, some with a quirky flare and others with a classic elegance and regal quality. There is something here for every space; stools that would be the perfect companions for a breakfast bar, a chair and lounge combo that would feel at home in any modern space.

Our range of pillows and throws are as diverse as they come. From classic to contemporary, simple patterns through to complex designs, soothing and calming colours through to the most flamboyant colours and designs. We’ve got your pillows and throws sorted so you can liven up any bed or couch and truly make them feature furniture pieces.

We also have a great range of lighting fixtures. Whether you’re after bedside lamps for some late night reading, or gorgeous curved and flowing floor lamps, which add a touch of elegance to any room and work as a great main light for large or small spaces alike. Furthermore we also carry a range of stylish, modern chandeliers. These are not your traditional chandeliers; they are unique and are made with sleek modern design in mind, not a classical approach at all.

In terms of our other home décor items on offer, we carry a diverse range of statuettes. Some of which are discreet, and some which are designed to capture the eye and work as feature pieces in a room.  These are truly lovely and would work in a variety of spaces, from the home to the office.

We’ve brought in a fantastic array of limited edition Slim Aaron’s prints, which we have framed in a contemporary style. These pieces have already garnered a lot of interest, but we are able to order in further prints.

So in short, our business has expanded, and we could not be happier to provide you, our customers, with all of your home décor and framing needs.

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